Turnout Gear Cleaner

emulsi-flash uses the principle of emulsification to break petroleum products down into a detergent type solution. Small particles become trapped as they are coated with emulsi-flash, thus cleaning the system.

Eliminates the problem of gas and oil floating. Spills will settle to the bottom once emulsified. Flammable vapor is greatly reduced. RECOMMENDED PRE-APPLICATION DILUTION: 50/50 Solution water and emulsi-flash.

DIRECTIONS: Charge tank with emulsi-flash and water (50/50 solution) and apply with fine coating spray. Spill will turn milky-white. Using heavy spray or semi-straight stream, continue application creating agitation. When emulsification is complete, flush with water. Flushing procedure is greatly improved when Stevens PENETRO-WET is used in a booster tank. Spills on water will settle to the bottom once emulsification is accomplished.

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